People are Boycotting Coca-Cola as it Continues to Operate in Russia

People are Boycotting Coca-Cola as it Continues to Operate in Russia

Public pressure is rising and people are being urged to boycott Coca-Cola as operations have yet to be pulled in Russia.

#BoycottCocaCola surfaced on Twitter over the weekend as it emerged the company, which currently has 10 bottling plants based in Russia, is making zero changes to operations following the devastating outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Deborah Meaden, star of Dragons’ Den, tweeted:

The distribution company told Tass – a Russian news agency – that operations were continuing as normal, but the billion dollar beverage company has remained silent on the issue.

The company has come under increased pressure to sever ties with Russia after three Ukrainian supermarket chains have announced they are removing Coca-Cola products form their shelves.

Since forces were ordered to invade Ukraine by Moscow, numerous international brands have stopped trading in Russia. Firms such as Samsung, PayPal, Visa as well as Ikea, Zara, Under Armour and Mastercard have all ceased trading in Russia.

More than $100 billion of trade ties have now been severed with the country.

It’s not only the high profile Russians, including Putin himself, who have been subject to financial sanctions across much of Europe and the US, but everyday people are feeling the pinch.

Multinational firms are abandoning the nation and the Russian rouble has fallen to an all time low against the dollar. But despite pressure from the public to follow suit, several multi-billion dollar companies have remained silent. Including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonalds.

Russia says it will stop its invasion on Ukraine if they agree to these three demands.


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