People are Comparing Working in the US and Denmark


People online are comparing working in the US to working in Denmark.

The Reddit post listing differences between working in the United States and Denmark has gone viral.

In the US, most employees work 40 hour weeks, take minimal paid leave and rarely take breaks throughout the day. Throughout Europe, employees take a more relaxed approach to their workplace culture. In Australia, work days fit in with the country’s laid-back lifestyle.

Check out the viral post below:

I moved from the US to Denmark and wow from antiwork

“I moved from the US to Denmark and wow, It legitimately feels like every single job I’m applying for is a union job. The average salaries offered are far higher (also I looked it up and found that the minimum wage is $44,252 USD per year). About 40 per cent of income is taken out as taxes, but at the end of the day my family and I get free healthcare, my children will GET PAID to go to college, I’m guaranteed 52 weeks of parental leave (32 of which are fully paid), and five weeks of paid vacation every year.”

“The new American Dream is to leave America,”

The thread, which was posted two days ago, has already gained more than 74 thousand likes and over 8 thousand comments.

Danes prefer to work within 37 hours per week, according the official website of Denmark, with most work days ending at 5pm.

Where would you rather work?


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