People are Making Same Harvey Weinstein Oscars Point as Will Smith is Urged to Hand His Back


People who don’t want Will Smith to hand his Oscar back after Sunday’s physical altercation have pointed out that Harvey Weinstein has been involved in 81 Oscar wins, without any calls for returning his one individual award.

People are confused as to why the Academy have not even looked in to the possibility of Weinstein, who was imprisoned for sexual assault and rape, having his award revoked.

Users on social media have expressed their dissatisfaction with the ‘double standards’ of the two situations.

Some person have expressed their discontent:

“Double standard as it’s finest.”

“They better get a truck to collect all of Weinstein ‘s Oscars before they say one word to Smith,”

“All the sudden Hollywood wants to recognise an assault that everyone knows happened.”

“All in all if he has to hand his back, all the others should too,”

During the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, Will Smith rushed on to the stage after Chris Rock made a comment about Jada Pinkett Smith during his speech and slapped Rock in the face.

Do you think he should have to hand his award back?


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