People Can’t Believe How Much This Woman Looks Like Jennifer Aniston


One woman looks so much like Jennifer Aniston that a photo of her is being flooded with comments telling her how much she looks like the Friends star.

And they’re even tagging Jennifer Aniston herself to alert her that she has a doppelgänger.

A California-based hairstylist, Stephanie Carrillo, uploads pictures of her customers after she’s worked her magic on their hair. But when she uploaded an image of one customer’s hairstyle, she didn’t know what she was getting herself in for.

Comments on the unnamed lookalike said:

Jennifer Aniston circa 1990s…beautiful cut. Have done a lot of these over the years in my salon.

Carrillo said in an email to Allure.

“She’s been posted a few separate times now, and every single time my followers go crazy,

“They even go as far as to tag Jennifer Aniston!”

And when you see the picture you can really understand what people were talking about.

Take a look at the lookalike below:

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