People just Realized Why Will Smith’s Kids are Called Jaden and Willow


People have only just realised why Will Smith’s kids are called Jaden and Willow.

In light of recent events, every inch of the stars life and family is being put under a microscope by the public and the media.

Will Smith very publicly slapped Rock at the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, after the comedian compared Will’s Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith to G.I Jane, which was highly inappropriate and insensitive as Jada has been very open about her hair loss journey due to alopecia.

People on social media have only just figured out why Will and Jada’s children are called Willow and Jaden – and some minds are blown.

A woman on Twitter named Shek shared a thread about her recent discovery:

“No I just clocked why Will & Jayda’s kids are called Jayden & Willow & now it’s time for my bed,”

She wrote, implying that their names are a play on their parents names.

People commented, completely baffled:

“Why is this the 1st time I’ve noticed this?”

“Oh wow, they really used all their creative juices on this.”

“Took you this long??”

This never clicked, until now..


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