Pizza Restaurant has Incredible Response after Customer’s Heartbreaking Request


In a heartwarming tale of unexpected kindness, a New York pizza restaurant, Norbert’s Pizza in Brooklyn, has garnered praise for going above and beyond to fulfill a customer’s unique birthday request. The story surfaced when Jason shared his experience on Reddit, under the username u/Jmklein17, in a post that resonated with many.

Jason began by describing his less-than-stellar birthday, where even his family failed to reach out. In an attempt to turn things around, he decided to place an order at his local pizza place, accompanied by an admittedly unusual request. His instructions on the receipt read: “It’s my birthday, and not even my family called me. I’m sad and I really like olives. Please put on as many black olives as you can. I want you to put on so many black olives that you start to question mine and your own sanity. As much as you can include without being fired. Thank you.”

One act of kindness changed this man's birthday. Credit: Instagram/ Reddit/ u/Jmklein17

Much to Jason’s surprise, Norbert’s Pizza not only fulfilled his olive-laden wish but also added a delightful touch by drawing a birthday cake on the receipt. The image shared by Jason on the r/MadeMeSmile forum showcased the pizza covered generously with black olives.

The thoughtful gesture did not go unnoticed, and Jason expressed his gratitude, saying, “[I] didn’t get any birthday wishes from my friends or family so I ordered myself a pizza that was admittedly way too expensive. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they really went above and beyond on the pizza—even gave me an extra container of olives on the side in case it wasn’t enough. It was very sweet and definitely made my day a little better.”

The pizza was topped with a crazy amount of olives. Credit: Instagram/ Reddit/ u/Jmklein17

The heartwarming story quickly gained attention on Reddit, with users praising Norbert’s Pizza for its compassion and creativity. Puns and well-wishes flooded the comments, with one user cleverly stating, “Happy birthday. My olive your wishes come true,” and another playfully adding, “You’re ‘oliviously’ an awesome person. Happy birthday.”

Jason revealed that his inspiration for the unique request came from a similar post where someone asked for “as many pickles as you can without getting fired.” Encouraging others to try creative requests, he said, “Hopefully, we’ve inspired some other people to make some of their own orders with similar wording, maybe even start a trend, who knows!” Norbert’s Pizza’s act of kindness has not only brought joy to Jason but has also sparked a positive trend, showcasing the power of simple gestures in making someone’s day brighter.


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