Playboy Bunny Lists Insane Rules For Living In Mansion


A Playboy bunny has spoken out about the strict rules that came with living in a luxury Playboy mansion.

Jenna Bentley from Montana resided in the ‘Bunny House’, which is next to the infamous mansion.

While she loved living there, she also outlined the strict rules that came with it.

“I’m pretty sure they did quite strict background checks because they have to make sure you’re not a serial killer,”

“I mean, even though we had a 9pm curfew it wasn’t like we were prisoners. Although if you missed curfew you were sleeping on the lawn. They were very strict about it.

“And we weren’t allowed to have boyfriends, like, even meeting boys was an immediate kick-out.”

And although there were cons to living there, she also listed the many pros.

“It was a real life Barbie playhouse. There were servants doing all the cooking and cleaning.

“There was a phone that we called ‘Dial-a-Dream’ because you could press 0 and ask for anything you wanted, any time of day or night.

“Like, if I wanted McDonald’s fries at 3am, they would go out and get it.”

Bentley also confirmed that unlike some of the other bunnies, she never had intercourse with Hugh Hefner.

“I have never had sex with Hef, ever, but I did once walk in on him having sex. I obviously can never say who it was with.

“All I can say is that there were four people, including him.”

She continued:

“Hugh Hefner only had three main rooms in his house for his official girlfriends and wives and the rest of us lived in the Bunny House,” she continued.

“Whoever were playmates of the month, like myself, I was Miss April, could stay there for free for the entire year.

“You would help with the body painting, the press releases, going out with Hef and stuff.

“I think a lot of the girls tried to get close with Hef so they could get more money but when I was around, like when he was in his 80s and 90s, he wasn’t having sex with any of the girls.

“He would shuffle around in his slippers, bless his soul, I think all of us blondes just looked the same to him by that point!”

I feel like we need a Netflix documentary about this place.


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