Police Find Creepy Object in Suspected Serial Killer’s Home


During the search of suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann’s childhood home, police made a chilling discovery over the weekend.

Heuermann, a father-of-two, was recently arrested in connection with a decade-old case involving 10 bodies found along Ocean Parkway, Long Island.

He has been charged with first and second-degree murder for the deaths of three women. The victims, known as the ‘Gilgo Four,’ were sex workers whose bodies were wrapped in burlap.

As investigators combed through Heuermann’s home, they came across a disturbing object—a child-sized doll enclosed in a large wooden and glass case. Photos obtained by the New York Post show two police officers carefully removing the case from the house.

The doll, adorned in a red outfit with a red bow in its long, braided blonde hair, raises questions about the significance it may hold in the investigation.

“We’re just going through his house looking to see if there’s any evidence,” said a police source involved in the search. “If he has any trophies.”

In addition to the doll, investigators seized at least four computers from the building where Heuermann worked as an architect. The discovery of DNA on a pizza crust discarded by Heuermann led detectives to close in on him in January.

Colleagues who worked in the same office building expressed shock upon learning about Heuermann’s arrest. They recounted feelings of unease knowing he had been in close proximity for an extended period.

“It’s a little scary that he was two floors above me. That’s really scary, and it went on for so long, too, which is also horrifying,” one woman said.

Another individual shared their disbelief, saying, “I’m just in shock to find out he worked in my building. I could’ve been in the elevator with him.”

Heuermann appeared before a judge and pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday afternoon.

As the investigation unfolds and evidence is collected, authorities hope that bringing Heuermann to justice will provide closure and peace for the families of the victims.


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