Police Footage Shows Moment Alec Baldwin Was Told Halyna Hutchins had Died after Rust Shooting


Police footage has emerged of Alec Baldwin’s reaction to being told Halyna Hutchins had died after Rust shooting.

The actor said “no” and covered his mouth with his hand after a Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office deputy had broken the news that the cinematographer sadly “didn’t make it”.

Halyna Hutchins was killed when a prop gun held by Baldwin on the set of the movie Rust was discharged. Baldwin previously broke down in tears and claimed that he didn’t pull the trigger of the gun that killed Hutchins.

Footage has been released from the County Sheriff’s Office showing Baldwin sat with two deputies, one told him:

“I do have some very unfortunate news to tell you. She didn’t make it.”

The actor appears shocked and said “No!” before putting his hand to his mouth and sitting in silence.

The deputy then explained to the actor that the director, Joel Souza, who was injured during the shooting, was still in the hospital.

Baldwin put his hand on his chest as the deputy repeated the tragic news and added “I didn’t want you to hear it outside of here.”

Baldwin then walked out the room with his hand on his head, saying he wanted to call his wife.

Watch below:

Speaking to ABC, Baldwin claimed he never pulled the trigger of the gun.



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