Police Identify Child Who Fell From Orlando ‘Free Fall’ Ride


Authorities have identified the 14-year-old boy who has tragically passed away after falling from ‘free fall’ ride at Orlando Park on Thursday night.

The ride takes passengers 430 feet in the air before falling towards the ground at 70 miles per hour.

Witnessed on the scene said that someone had fallen from the ride, according the the sheriff’s department.

A bystander captured the tragic accident on video. The footage appears to show passengers discussing seatbelts with the crew working on the ride before rising hundreds of feet in the air. As the ride plummets towards the ground, a rider can be seen falling from his seat.

Watch the report below:

The ride is currently out of operation at the park and Orlando Park did not respond for comment by NBC News.

Director of sales and marketing for the Slingshot Group of Companies, the owner and operator of the ride said:

“Words can’t say how we feel,”

“Our hearts go out to the family of this young man, and that’s all we can say at this time.”

Police have identified the 14 year old as straight-A student Tyre Sampson, who was visiting the park with a friends family.

Devastating news, RIP.


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