Police Release Mugshots Of Michigan School Shooter’s Parents Arrested After Manhunt


The parents of the suspected shooter in the horrific Michigan school shooting have been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

In a rare move, prosecutors in Oakland County have charged James and Jennifer Crumbley after it was found suspect Ethan Crumbley used his dad’s handgun in the attack.

Prosecutors are accusing the parents of negligence.

The parents were captured early Saturday following a huge manhunt after they did not turn themselves in, according to law enforcement.

The Crumbleys were found hiding commercial building that held “a lot of art and artwork”.

Detroit Police Chief James E White said they were found unarmed and “appeared to be hiding in the building”

“They certainly appeared to be distressed as you can imagine,”

“They were in a commercial building in a room. We were able to take them into custody without incident.”

The parents have now been transported to Oakland County Jail.

Jennifer Crumbley

Meanwhile, tributes are pouring in for the high school football player who rushed the shooter, sacrificing his own life to save his classmates.

Tate Myre, 16, along with three other students, have been named as the victims who died in the shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan on Tuesday.

Myre, who was a talented running back for the Oxford Wildcats football team, was killed while trying to disarm the shooter.

One tribute said:

We teach our kids to be tough, to stand up – to fight. This kid did it on the football field and he did it today in the moment of truth. This kid is a hero – my heart is empty yet full at the same time. Life is a precious gift folks. RIP Tate Myre. Kearsley football won’t forget

A petition has now been set up to rename the local football stadium in his honor.


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