Post Malone Praised For Posing In A Dress For Billboard Magazine


Post Malone is being hailed for posing in a dress on the cover of Billboard.

The singer was photographed on December 15, 2021, in Salt Lake City, He was styled by Catherine Hahn.

He was pictured wearing a Catherine Hahn custom shirt and dress, Tom Ford tie, Ralph Lauren socks, Dr. Martens shoes and Balenciaga earrings.

In the magazine he spoke about his move to Utah:

“People wanted me to stay in L.A. — that’s where the work gets done — but I was fed up,” he says, cradling a freshly poured beer. “There’s always something to do, and someone always wants something from ya — and I didn’t want to go crazy.”

”You think about everything at the same time, and it’s f–king overload. There’s a lot riding on just being able to keep making songs. And that’s hard to do because you’re like, ‘F–k I already talked about everything.’ you kind of run out of ideas, and that’s scary

The magazine cover has now been released, and fans absolutely loved it.

Malone has been making his new album ‘twelve carat toothache, and in doing so he had to rediscover his creative spark: “There was a switch that flipped”.inst


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