President Joe Biden Criticized after Irish Comment on St Patrick’s Day


President Joe Biden is in some hot water after he made an odd comment during his St Patrick’s Day speech.

Biden, who has Irish ancestry as his great-great-grandfather is from County Mayo, was filmed giving a speech to celebrate St Patrick’s Day yesterday, but his comment about being Irish has caused a stir with people online.

The goal of the speech was to promote the relationship between the USA and Ireland, although Taoiseach Micheál Martin was unable to attend due to contracting Covid-19.

Biden’s comment was:

“Bless me father, for i’m about to sin. i just want you to know, i may be irish, but i’m not stupid.”

“I married Dominic Giacoppa’s daughter.”

As you’d expect, some people have suggested that he’s calling Irish people stupid, while he may just be trying to make a point by jesting with an old stereotype (ill-advised at the best of times) people are understandably upset.

In response to the speech, some people took to Twitter to voice their thoughts. One person said “Inspirational message to Irish-Americans: #HappyStPatricksDay — you buncha STUPIDS.” Another said  “Inferring people of Irish heritage are stupid without calling them stupid…Sad example for an American… SMH.”

Watch Biden’s speech below:

FFS Joe.


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