Prime Launches 48 Hour Hunt to Win $500,000 Solid Gold Bottles

Prime Launches 48 Hour Hunt to Win $500,000 Solid Gold Bottles

Prime is launching a 48-hour hunt for the $500,000 solid gold bottles, as they approach the sale of their billionth bottle, and to commemorate this milestone, the co-founders KSI and Logan Paul are offering an intriguing opportunity.

In a video shared by the internet stars, they announced a competition allowing fans a chance to acquire one of these rare, luxurious solid gold bottles of Prime. Even if you’re not a fan of the energy drink or tired of your kids asking for it, the stakes of this promotion are worth noting—the solid gold bottles are valued at a staggering $500,000.

On the 10th of November, Brits and Yanks alike will have the opportunity to obtain these hefty bottles for free, a fact emphasized in the promotional video where KSI and Paul infused humor, almost channeling their inner Chuckle Brothers.

In their shared video message, they explained: “The golden Prime will be encased in bulletproof glass. To access it, you must correctly guess a six-digit code. Each person has only one guess and a mere 20 seconds to input that guess.”

In the event that the correct code isn’t guessed within the 48-hour window, the torches inside the case will ignite, and the prized golden Prime bottle will be incinerated entirely, rendering it of absolutely no value—an ingenious move engineered by Mark Rober.

The promo clip featured a brief cameo by former NASA engineer Mark Rober holding a flamethrower, accentuating the high stakes of the competition.

KSI and Paul mentioned that the hunt will take place in both London and New York, implying that even if you’re not actively participating, residing in one of these cities might warrant staying indoors on the event day. KSI himself warned of ‘absolute chaos’ and urged fans to ‘please be safe’ via a tweet following the announcement.

Potential participants were encouraged to stay tuned for more details, as the specific locations for each city will be disclosed soon.

The buzz around this challenge was palpable on social media, with users enthusiastically sharing their guesses for the sought-after six-digit code. Some praised the marketing strategy, predicting an overwhelming level of excitement and anticipation.

The conversation indicated that the process could be thrilling yet challenging, with users expressing their desire to join the hunt and speculate on what the code might be. The sense of anticipation and the desire to crack the code made the challenge all the more intriguing, prompting users to come up with their own theories and potential guesses.

For those involved, the key may be to keep their guesses confidential, unless there’s a plan to collaborate and share the bottle in some way.


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