Psychologist Testifies Johnny Depp ‘Kicked’ Amber Heard Over James Franco ‘Jealousy’


Psychologist Dr Dawn Hughes testified on Tuesday that Johnny Depp ‘kicked’ Amber Heard over ‘James Franco jealousy’.

Depp launched the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post.

Heard never mentioned Depp by name but the actor argued that the article she wrote tarnished his reputation and ultimately his acting career.

Dr Hughes was the first witness to take the stand on behalf of Amber Heard.

Not only did Hughes claim that during her medical examinations of Heard she concluded that the actress was a victim of sexual and physical violence allegedly caused by Depp, but she also spoke about the “Boston plane incident” which reportedly happened in May 2014.

She said:

“Ms Heard and Mr Depp were going to fly back to LA and spend the weekend together”

“Ms Heard is on the plane, waiting for Mr Depp to come on. He’s reportedly sitting in the SUV smoking weed and drinking. She is filming with James Franco at this point,”

“He gets on the plane and starts talking about James Franco, making a lot of derogatory comments about her. ‘Hope you had fun with your escapades’ and some more inflammatory language,”

“Then in an argument when she got up to leave, he kicked her in the back. She went forward on the plane, to the front of the plane.”

Watch the testimony below:

Heard and Franco were filming The Adderall Diaries in New York at the time.


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