Psychologist Testifies She Believes Amber Heard Has Borderline Personality Disorder


A forensic psychologist who was hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team told the court on Tuesday that she believes Amber Heard had borderline personality disorder as well as histrionic personality disorder and does not have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Depp launched a defamation lawsuit against Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post. The trial began Monday 11 April in Fairfax, Virginia.

Shannon Curry, the psychologist, said that she spent about 12 hours with Heard in preparation for the trial. During their time together, Heard took several mental health tests. Curry also reviewed the actresses’ health records, documents, photographs, videos and audio recordings.
Based on what she found and the test results, the psychologist said she believes Heard is full of rage, is judgemental, self-righteous and harbours a lot of inner hostility.
Curry said:

“These aren’t fact, but her scores were consistent with other people who had obtained these scores who have been shown through many, many studies to have these very specific traits,”

On Tuesday, Curry testified that she concluded Heard’s test results revealed she had a personality type prone to anger and cruelty “usually with people who are less powerful.”

Watch below:

Heard is due to take the stand later in this legal battle.


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