Psychologist Warns It’s a Major Red Flag if You Relax by Enjoying True Crime Stories


Indulging in true crime stories for relaxation may not be as harmless as it seems, according to a psychologist’s cautionary advice.

Dr Thema Bryant, a mental health expert, discussed the potential implications of consuming violent media as a means of unwinding during an interview on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

Dr Bryant suggested that individuals who find comfort in true crime shows might have a deeper connection to trauma due to its familiarity. This revelation raises concerns about the potential need for serious counseling for those who engage in such behavior.

Dr Bryant emphasized the importance of introspection, stating, “If your idea of relaxing before you go to sleep is to watch three episodes of Law and Order, [then] I would encourage you to think about ‘why is trauma relaxing to me’?”

She further explained that some individuals who grew up in high-stress environments mistakenly perceive peace as boring. To truly reconnect with oneself, one must confront the discomfort and unfamiliarity that comes with it.

The psychologist’s comments resonated with listeners, sparking conversations on social media. Many individuals admitted that consuming violent media served as a distraction from their own personal pain. However, they acknowledged that it merely redirected their anger instead of resolving it. Others expressed a connection to true crime stories due to the justice served within the narratives, which they felt was lacking in their own lives.

Dr Elizabeth Jeglic, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, shed light on why trauma survivors may be drawn to true crime tales. She suggested that some individuals are drawn to the study of psychology as a means of understanding and healing themselves. Psychology programs often attract individuals with a history of mental illness. Similarly, those who have experienced trauma may gravitate towards true crime stories as a way to re-experience and gain control over traumatic situations in a safe environment.


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The insight provided by these experts raises important questions about the potential impact of consuming graphic content on one’s mood and mindset. It highlights the need for individuals to evaluate their own motivations and consider healthier alternatives for relaxation and self-care. Engaging in introspection and seeking professional help when necessary can be instrumental in healing and personal growth.

So, if your nightly routine involves binge-watching episodes of Law & Order or other true crime shows, it might be worthwhile to engage in some soul-searching. Taking the time to understand why trauma resonates with you and exploring healthier ways to relax can contribute to your overall well-being.


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