Putin Preparing a Terrorist Attack on Chernobyl Says Ukraine Defence Intelligence


The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has claimed President Vladimir Putin is planning a terrorist attack on Chernobyl.

Russian forces seized the nuclear power plant on Thursday, February 24. The first day of Russias invasion of Ukraine.

Due to fears that Russia would try and use the plant to blackmail the West, Chernobyl was disconnected from power two days ago. Putting the nuclear power plant at risk of radioactive substances being released.

Ukraine is now stating that Putin is plotting to ‘create a man-made catastrophe’ at Chernobyl, alleging that the Russian President will try and ‘shift’ the blame onto Ukraine.

The governmental agency wrote on social media:

‘The creation of a technological catastrophe is planned at the controlled Russian forces of the CAEC, the responsibility for which the occupiers will try to translate to Ukraine.’

‘At the moment, the CAEC is completely disconnected from the monitoring systems of the International Atomic Energy Agency (MAGATE). The station has been disrupted. The resource of existing diesel generators is calculated for 48 hours of security systems to support.’

‘[Occupants] refused to give access to the station [for] Ukrainian repairman. Instead, there, according to the instruction of Alexander Lukashenko, “Belarusian specialists” came in. Among them, under the guise of atomnikív also enter Russian dissidents to organize a terrorist attack.’

Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence continues, claiming that in order to ‘shift’ the blame to Ukraine for the planned ‘terrorist attack’, Russian troops have been:

‘collecting bodies of dead Ukrainian defenders’ in car refrigerators to try and create “fake” evidence to confirm their version’.

Due to reports of Russian soldiers disobeying orders, the Governmental Agency has warned that:

‘without getting the desired result from the ground military operation and direct negotiations, Putin is ready to commit to the nuclear blackmail of the world community for the sake of actions to support Ukraine’.

Dymtro Kuleba, Ukrainian foreign minister, warned that Chernobyl could be just 48 hours away from being at high risk of leaking.

The Defence of Intelligence of Ukraine finishing with the following statement:

‘Narazí and Ukraine, and the world, and Russia itself understand that the statements about Ukraine’s involvement in the creation of nuclear danger are only a production based on a non-dangerous scenario. Despite this, Putin’s similar actions will have catastrophic consequences for the whole world. looks like this is exactly what the russia dictator is counting on, demanding unacceptable actions.’


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