Radio Host Recalls ‘Scary Moment’ with Jonah Hill During Interview


Radio host recounts a “scary moment” during an interview with Jonah Hill, adding to the growing number of individuals sharing their encounters with the actor.

As previously reported, Hill has faced criticism after his ex-girlfriend shared alleged text messages he sent her.

Sarah Brady, who dated Hill in 2021 before their split in early 2022, posted screenshots of messages in which Hill reportedly set boundaries, including restrictions on her posting bikini photos and socializing with other men. Brady accused him of emotional abuse.

Radio host Fifi Box recently discussed her uncomfortable encounter with Hill during an episode of The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick show, recalling an incident that took place in 2012.

Box, alongside her former co-host Jules Lund, was interviewing Hill and Channing Tatum for promotional activities related to the film 21 Jump Street.

Box admitted that she was primarily focused on Tatum during the interview. She described asking Hill what she believed to be an innocent and playful question, but his response was far from lighthearted.

Lund asked Hill about his previous encounters with a friend of his, suggesting he had not called her afterward. Hill allegedly responded by saying, “Bulls***,” and proceeded to criticize the hosts for not having any shame in hiding their past and making fun of them on live radio. He further stated that he didn’t care enough to dig up embarrassing information about them.

Box reflected on the incident, describing it as an uncomfortable and, in her words, “scary” moment. She acknowledged that Hill became provoked by the question.

In a 2014 interview with, Lund, Box’s co-host, revealed that Hill was one of his least favorite people to interview and expressed regret over certain questions he asked. Lund recalled feeling powerless during the encounter, realizing that he had no control in the situation.

He also mentioned that the radio station faced consequences following the interview, with promoters expressing wariness about their clients appearing on the show. Lund speculated that Hill may have been trying to impress Tatum with his response.

As of now, Hill has not responded to the allegations made against him.


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