Rebel Wilson’s Hosting of BAFTA Awards Makes Internet Cringe


Rebel Wilson hosting the BAFTA Awards ceremony in the UK has not gone down well and people on social media are cringing.

The crowd of celeb A-lister’s seemed to chuckle along with the Australian actress but people online felt differently.

The Bridesmaids actress made jokes about Prince Andrew, JK Rowling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just to name a few.

Starting her hosting performance by walking through the audience and singling some celebs out, Wilson approached CODA star Emilia Jones, joking:

“i’ll give you the award for the person in the crowd leonardo dicaprio would find most attractive…he does like them young.”

When Emilia Jones was brought on stage, Wilson said there would be two different sign language interpreters to aid British and American viewers with hearing difficulties. Wilson then added:

“LUckily, though, in all sign languages, this is the gesture for putin.”

She then stuck her middle finger up.

People took to Twitter and they weren’t impressed:

The actress spoke out before the awards ceremony:

“i’m very scared of doing it, because it’s very nerve-wracking and i get very nervous for live performances.”

“for movies i don’t get nervous but the live stuff, it’s kind of one and done.”

“I hope that people realise just that in my heart, i’m doing it to celebrate movies, to celebrate all the great people that work in movies.”

“In australia, our culture is you can take potshots at people if they’re successful, so i’ll be doing a little bit of that.”

Watch her opening speech below:

Bring back Ricky Gervais.


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