Recovery Coach Shares the Three Signs You’re a Functioning Alcoholic


    Identifying the subtle signs of functioning alcoholism can be challenging, as it often blurs the lines between responsible drinking and potential issues with alcohol.

    Recovery coach Connor, known as @thesoberplug on TikTok, recently shed light on three key signs that might indicate someone is a functioning alcoholic.

    His insights offer valuable points for introspection, urging individuals to recognize these potential indicators.

    Connor delineates the first sign, stating, “One of the signs is that you compartmentalize your drinking. You refrain from consuming alcohol during specific times or responsibilities, yet once those obligations are fulfilled, you give yourself the liberty to drink, and you find justification in this behavior.”

    Moving on, he delves into the second significant sign, addressing the tendency to rationalize drinking based on external possessions. “You might link your drinking habits to certain external or materialistic factors. If you possess a nice car, a beautiful house, or a successful job, you may believe your drinking isn’t problematic, assuming that such achievements wouldn’t exist if there were an actual issue with alcohol. However, associating status or financial success with alcohol problems is fundamentally inaccurate,” Connor stresses.

    The third indication touches upon the idea that providing for oneself or one’s family could justify alcohol consumption. “Functioning alcoholics might hold the belief that as long as they are capable of providing for their family or themselves, the extent of their alcohol use cannot be a concern. It’s a sense of assurance – the notion that responsibility exempts them from having a genuine issue. Yet, it’s crucial to understand that our actions bear consequences for others in our lives. Merely juggling various responsibilities doesn’t diminish the impact alcohol-related problems may have on those around us.”

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    Connor’s video concludes with a plea for those grappling with alcohol-related concerns to seek support and guidance. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging potential issues with alcohol and reaching out for assistance to address and overcome these challenges.

    Recognizing these nuanced behavioral patterns becomes pivotal in differentiating between social drinking and potential functioning alcoholism. Acknowledging and confronting these signs can be the first step towards seeking necessary help and guidance to address any underlying issues related to alcohol consumption.

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