Referee Hospitalized After Wrestler ‘Hannibal’ Stabs Him In The Head


Wrestling may be fake, but one thing that wrestling fans will always tell you, is that part of the excitement is that at any time something could go horribly wrong. And unfortunately for one referee, it has.

Wrestler Hannibal has come under fire after he hospitalized a referee by repeatedly stabbing him in the head during a fight.

The wrestler has broken his silence on the incident, saying the ref was hired to bleed and that he had no idea he was in pain.

 “this referee was supposed to bleed from razor blade cuts. I assume he actually cut himself with the razor blades.”

“He gave no indication to me — and you people can watch the footage — zero indication to me in the ring that he wasn’t just selling and was legitimately hurt.”

“If he had told me he was getting hurt, I would have stopped.”

“He knows that I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

The ref took to Twitter to confirm that despite receiving multiple stab wounds to the head, he was going to make a full recovery.

“Recovering at home,”

“Still a bit fuzzy and pain, yes lots of pain. But I’ll live. Thanks you all for the outpouring of love and support.”



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