Ride Shut Down after Boy, 4, Left Unrestrained at Theme Park


A ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show has been shut down after witnesses notice Tristan Curtis, aged 4, was not secured into the ride correctly.

The boy had a lucky escape after terrified witnesses alerted the ride operator only moments before the roller coaster was launched into the air.

The ride at Royal Easter Show has been shut down while further investigations are ongoing.

Photos have circulated the internet, clearly showing the child not fastened in correctly, see below:


A 14 year old, straight-A student named Tyre Sampson sadly passed away after falling from ‘free fall’ ride at Orlando Park just last month.

The ride takes passengers 430 feet in the air before falling towards the ground at 70 miles per hour.

Witnesses on the scene said that someone had fallen from the ride, according the the sheriff’s department.

Tyre’s father Yarnell Sampson says his son knew something was wrong as soon as the ride began to ascend.

So terrifying – RIP Tyre.


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