Russian Influencers Cry Over Instagram Ban, Saying Their ‘Whole Life’ is Ruined


Russian influencers have posted emotional videos over the Instagram ban that came into effect yesterday, with one influencer saying her “life, work and soul” are being “taken away”.

Social media influencers from Russia have posted tearful videos of themselves bidding their fans and followers farewell after the government made the decision to ban the social network yesterday.

Reality TV star Olga Buzova, 36-years-old, posted a seven minute video of herself sobbing over the loss of her followers.

In the video, she said in Russian:

“I just shared my life, my work, and my soul. I did not do this all as a job for me, this is a part of my soul. It feels like a big part of my heart, and my life is being taken away from me.”

Nexta TV, the ‘largest Eastern European media’, tweeted regarding another influencer:

People are not happy with the influencers complaining about the app being banned, according to Insider, one person commented:

“God, in Ukraine, people are dying, children are in the subway, there is nowhere to sleep, they have lost everything, and you are crying because of Instagram.”

Yikes, talk about perspective.


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