Sam Smith puts on Another ‘Demonic’ Performance Complete with Pitchfork


Sam Smith boldly embraced a devilish persona as they kicked off their highly anticipated Gloria world tour in Sheffield on Wednesday night.

The non-binary singer, known for their provocative performances, donned an array of edgy costumes as they electrified the stage with their chart-topping hits.

Undeterred by the recent backlash over their “satanic” performance at the BRIT Awards, Sam fearlessly donned a devilish ensemble.

Sporting a black top hat adorned with red horns, they clutched a sequined red pitchfork while fires blazed in the background as the band played.

Sam exuded confidence in a black bustier, fishnet tights, and over-the-knee boots with red laces, which they paired with a dramatic black caped coat featuring voluminous sleeves.



? Unholy – Sam Smith & Kim Petras

As the performance progressed, Sam stripped down to black underwear and fishnet tights, revealing a shirtless look while covering Madonna’s hit “Human Nature.” They added a touch of mystique with elbow-length gloves and a sheer veil that draped over their shoulders, secured with a gold wire-style headpiece.

Sam continued to captivate the audience with their daring wardrobe choices, changing into a flamboyant pink ruffled tulle gown that fans may recognize from their “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” music video. Accompanied by backup dancers in sheer glittering silver ensembles, Sam owned the stage with confidence and charisma.

Another standout look featured Sam in an emerald green gown with puffed sleeves and matching gloves, with the word “Queer” written in ribbons above them, making a powerful statement about their identity. They also rocked a white shirt, black tie, and statement gold trousers paired with a jeweled corset, completed with a gold sailor-style hat, as they performed alongside a chorus of backing singers.

This is not the first time Sam has incorporated religious imagery into their performances, as their previous performance at the BRIT Awards prompted 106 complaints to Ofcom.

However, Sam remains unapologetic about their artistic expression and continues to push boundaries with their thought-provoking performances.

While some viewers have expressed discomfort with Sam’s performances, citing “demonic” themes, others have praised their boldness and creativity.

Host Trevor Noah even made a lighthearted joke about the potential controversy during the BRIT Awards, showing that Sam’s performances are not easily ignored.

Sam’s Gloria tour has only just begun, with upcoming shows in London and across Europe in the coming months.


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? Silence 3 Minutes – Silence for Meditation

Fans can expect more daring costumes, electrifying performances, and unapologetic expression from this boundary-pushing artist. Sam Smith continues to defy expectations and challenge societal norms, making their mark as an icon in the music industry.


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