Scantily Clad Women Caught on Camera Brawling at Luxurious Vegas Hotel


At least four women were involved in a brutal public brawl over the weekend at Wynn Las Vegas.

The display was caught on camera by nearby poker players as security attempted to break it up.

The video clip starts mid-fight with two women, one wearing jean shorts and the other in a two-piece dress. The pair are struggling together on the floor of the hotel.

A third woman, wearing sweatpants, appears to join in while a bystander attempts to break things up.

The women appear to be attempting to pull a fourth woman off of a motorized scooter.

Watch the madness below:

All the while, other people are attempting to enjoy their night at the tables and ignore the wild brawl.

The Vegas Metro Police Department shared with the media that no arrests were made but at least one citation was issued.


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