Sean Penn Tells Hannity ‘I Don’t Trust Ya’ Before Things Get Super Awkward


Sean Penn didn’t hold back during a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

The actor, who has been frequently flying in and out of Ukraine to document the war, was on Fox News to talk about the ongoing conflict.

During the interview, Hannity asked Penn to recall what he had said when he first called him to learn more about his documentary.

Penn told him “I don’t trust ya”, and when Hannity asked why, Penn went on an unusual rant about trust.

The Oscar-winner said:

“Yeah, there’s a lot of reasons I don’t trust you,”

“so many people that don’t trust their spouse, and yet we’ve gotta get on with life.”

“We all talk about how divisive things are, how divided things are here,” he continued. “But when you step into a country of such incredible unity [like Ukraine], you realize what we’ve all been missing. And I don’t think that I’ve got time to indulge my lack of trust, which becomes a petty thing.”



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