‘Shameless’ Disney Guests Beat Rising Entry Fees by Sneaking in Kids in Strollers


A video of a ‘shameless’ guest at Disney has been sneaky and avoided paying the entry fee by hiding her child in a baby stroller.

The video shows a woman who had disguised her elementary school-age child to look like a baby, in order to pay the rising cost of entry to the park.

TikTok user myfrienditsmebarbie posted the video which has now gained over 9 million views with the caption:

‘Poor kid was in an infant car seat #theyaregoingtoknow#disney#onlyindisney#theywillneverknow’

In the clip, the people in the line in front of the TikToker can be seen walking past a cast member, who peaks in the stroller but doesn’t appear to say or do anything.

Then the child is lifted out of the baby stroller, where her child-size legs were disguised under a blanket and we can clearly see she is of elementary school-age.

Watch below:


Poor kid was in an infant car seat #theyaregoingtoknow #disney #onlyindisney #theywillneverknow

? how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Some people commented:

‘we payed for our tickets and witnessed the funniest thing we had ever seen & so we decided to share it so you can laugh too’

‘We just teach our kids to lie about their age ??? but this is epic’

‘My parents use to make me do this’

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