Shaquille O’Neal Praises Nikola Jokic for Leveling Markieff Morris


‘You can’t hit somebody and turn your back’.

Charles Barkley and Shaq both ‘liked’ what Joker did when he retaliated against Markieff Morris, leaving Morris on the floor.

Shaq said:

“As a big guy, when a little guy hits you, you gotta touch him on back. I have no problem with what The Joker did, I actually like it as a big guy. You got these guys foulin’ ’em, hanging on. He hit him, intentional, unnecessary roughness, so what do you do as a big guy? You go hit him back. When you hit me, don’t turn your head, because it’s coming. You’re either gonna get it in the front, or you’re gonna get it in the back.”

There’s still no word on whether either of the players will receive a ban.


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