‘SNL’ Mocks Depp Vs Heard Testimony Over Bed Poop


Saturday Night Live mocked the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp testimony over the actress allegedly pooping on the couple’s shared bed. 

On the recent SNL show, Kyle Mooney played Depp and his “lawyer” focused on the more unpleasant parts of the case, the alleged “human fecal matter” that Depp claims his ex-wife left him on the bed, out of revenge.

On the show, Heard’s side objected to these questions but were overruled by the judge who said:


This bizarre incident is actually relevant to the case, however, as Depp claims Heard left it for him as he was late for her birthday party, only stayed for a short while and then left.

Depp claimed he got a phone call from his housekeeper the following day who told him there was poop on his side of the bed, which was covered up by bedsheets.


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