Son in ‘The Blind Side’ Family Speaks Out for First Time over Michael Oher’s Bombshell Lawsuit against His Parents


Sean Tuohy Jr., a central figure in the family depicted in the heartwarming narrative of “The Blind Side,” has stepped forward to share his perspective on the allegations made by former NFL star Michael Oher. In a recent bombshell lawsuit, Oher asserted that he was never legally adopted by the Tuohy family and that his life story was exploited for financial gain.

“The Blind Side” is a film that chronicles the remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a foster child from Tennessee, who found a new lease on life after being adopted by a well-off white couple. This familial transformation provided him with the platform to flourish, ultimately becoming a star college athlete and an NFL sensation, predominantly with the Baltimore Ravens.

The film’s release perfectly coincided with Oher’s entrance into the National Football League, adding a layer of synchronicity to its success. It garnered an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and secured Sandra Bullock an Academy Award for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy, the nurturing mother who played a pivotal role in Oher’s journey.

In a surprising turn of events, Oher’s lawsuit claims that despite the film’s uplifting narrative, his “adoptive parents,” Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, reaped substantial financial benefits from his life story. Oher alleges that the adoption portrayed in the film never materialized and that he was coerced into signing a document that designated the Tuohys as his conservators, granting them legal authority to conduct business in his name.

This alleged arrangement facilitated the Tuohys’ ability to engage in lucrative business deals, leveraging Oher’s identity. The blockbuster success of “The Blind Side,” which accumulated over $300 million at the box office, appeared to have little financial trickle-down effect for Oher himself, a fact highlighted by ESPN’s reporting. Oher’s lawsuit contends that the story’s existence was fundamentally linked to his experiences and journey.

The lawsuit sheds light on the reported financial gains made by the Tuohys and their two biological children. They reportedly received ‘$225,000’ plus ‘2.5 percent’ of the film’s ‘defined net proceeds’ as part of the arrangement.

In response to these allegations, Sean Tuohy Jr., whom Oher considers his “adoptive brother,” shared his perspective on the matter. Speaking to Barstool Sports, he expressed his empathy for Oher’s feelings of frustration while firmly denying the claim that the family earned around $2 million from exploiting Oher’s story for the film. Sean Tuohy Jr. humorously mused about his imagined behavior if he were indeed a multimillionaire.

However, the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, countered this assertion, acknowledging that someone was profiting immensely from the movie, and the lack of Oher’s share was understandably unsettling.

Sean Tuohy Sr., the patriarch of the Tuohy family, also joined the conversation, emphasizing that they had sought legal counsel to navigate the complexities of Oher’s age and the adoption process. He clarified that adopting Oher over the age of 18 was not a viable option, leading them to pursue a conservatorship instead. He underscored the family’s commitment to ensuring transparency and legitimacy in their actions.

Refuting claims of substantial financial gains from the movie, Sean Tuohy Sr. explained that the family received a modest sum, including Michael Lewis, the author of “The Blind Side,” sharing half of his earnings. Despite the unsettling allegations, he acknowledged the world’s complexities and expressed his determination to navigate these challenges.

As Michael Oher’s lawsuit unfolds, the multifaceted perspectives underscore the complexities of family, storytelling, and financial arrangements in the world of cinema. The convergence of emotions and legalities continues to shape the narrative surrounding “The Blind Side,” a story that transcends the confines of the silver screen.


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