‘Super Blood Moon’ Set to Amaze America in Total Lunar Eclipse This Week


A ‘super blood moon’ is due to amaze the masses in a total lunar eclipse.

On Sunday night, the moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, turning blood read as our planet blocks out the sunlight causing the “sunset” hue to the moon, creating a ‘super blood moon’.

This will start at 9.32pm Eastern Daylight Time and will be very subtle to begin with, as the moon enters the section of the Earth’s shadow that only partially covers the sun, called the penumbra.

At 10.27pm (roughly) it will move into the totality phase, lasting about 85 minutes, according to EarthSky.org.

NASA says:

“The real action begins when the moon starts to disappear as it enters the umbra at about 10:28 p.m. EDT on the 15th,”

“An hour later, entirely within the umbra, the moon is a ghostly copper color. Totality lasts for an hour and a half before the moon begins to emerge from the central shadow. Throughout the eclipse, the Moon is moving through the constellation Libra.”

It’s an amazing spectacle to behold, since the moon’s proximity is what make it a ‘supermoon’.


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