Steve Irwin’s Son Robert makes Red Carpet Debut with Heath Ledger’s Niece Rorie

Robert Irwin, the son of the late Steve Irwin, made his first red carpet appearance alongside Rorie Buckley, Heath Ledger’s niece.
Ditching his cargo shorts for a stylish suit, the 19-year-old attended the premiere of Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning.
While Hollywood stars Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, and Simon Pegg were busy promoting the film, Robert accompanied his girlfriend Rorie to the event.

Rorie, the daughter of Kate Ledger and niece of Heath Ledger, adds an intriguing connection to the mix.

It appears that a new power couple from Down Under has emerged, with Robert being part of the renowned Irwin family, known for their work on wildlife conservation and the Crocodile Hunter legacy.

The premiere served as their official red carpet debut, with the couple stunning in matching black ensembles.

Speculation about their romance began circulating last November when they were spotted together on a Queensland beach.

In December, they were seen meeting Robert’s mother, Terri Irwin, at the famous Australian Zoo. Nathan Buckley, Rorie’s father, expressed his approval of their relationship, stating that he “absolutely” supports them.

Tragically, Robert’s father, Steve Irwin, was not present to witness his son’s Hollywood debut.

Steve Irwin’s untimely death in 2006 shook the world. The beloved Crocodile Hunter was filming in the Great Barrier Reef when he was fatally stung by a short-tail stingray. The barb pierced his rib cage, leading to his tragic passing. He left behind his wife Terri, three-year-old Robert, and eight-year-old Bindi.

As Robert follows in his father’s footsteps, many fans have noticed the striking resemblance between father and son. With a massive following on TikTok, where he has garnered 19 million followers, fans often comment on the similarities. However, some have criticized this constant reminder of his loss.

A TikToker named @sa99ymaggie addressed the issue in a video that garnered over 4.6 million views, calling out others to let Robert live his life without constant references to his late father.

Many agreed with the sentiment, with comments expressing the need to focus on Robert’s own achievements and not just his father’s legacy. Despite the shadow of his father’s legacy, Robert is carving his own path and becoming a star in his own right.


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