Taylor Hawkins Sent Audio Message Hours Before his Death


Taylor Hawkins sent an audio message to friend Perry Farrell hours before his death.

Farrell, the leader of Jane’s Addiction and founder of Lollapalooza, posted a tribute video for his friend over the weekend calling the legendary drummer his “best friend” and shared a voice message sent to Farrell’s wife Etty Lau just hours before the devastating event occurred.

Hawkins can be heard saying:

“Take care of each other and I’ll take care of me, and I will see you guys in Sao Paolo. I love, love, love, love you guys. Sleep tight.”

Watch the tribute below:

The band broke the shocking and heartbreaking news on Twitter.

They wrote:


Toxicology reports have shown that the drummer had ‘10 different substances‘ in his system when he died.

A statement released by the Colombian attorney general’s office on Twitter read:

‘On the initial forensic medical study of the body of Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the band Foo Fighters, who died yesterday in a hotel in the north of Bogotá, the Attorney General’s Office stated the following:

‘In the urine toxicological test performed on the body of Taylor Hawkins, 10 types of substances were preliminarily found, including: THC (marijuana), tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids.

‘The National Institute of Forensic Medicine continues the medical studies to fully clarify the events that led to the death of Taylor Hawkins.’

Investigators have concluded the 50-year-old suffered cardiovascular collapse after a binge on numerous drugs.

Respected Colombian news magazine Semana also reported authorities had confirmed to them the famed musician had overdosed on heroin mixed with antidepressants and benzodiazepines.

Reports say that hotel staff called emergency services after Hawkins complained about pains in his chest. But tragically, the rockstar was already dead when authorities arrived.

The band were scheduled to perform at the Grammys on April 3 and the Foo Fighters’ new tour of North America was set to start in May.

Heartbreaking, the loss of a true legend.


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