Taylor Swift Fan Does TV Interview in Disguise after Calling in Sick at Work


In a recent interview, a dedicated Taylor Swift fan decided to skip work on the night of the pop star’s concert in Cincinnati, hoping to go unnoticed while pretending to be “sick” at home.

Inspired by Swift’s song “Anti-Hero,” the fan cleverly disguised herself as one of the ghosts from the song’s music video to conceal her identity.

Joining the queue of thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the opening of the Taylor Swift merchandise truck, which boasted $75 hoodies and $40 tank tops, the courageous fan even took the opportunity to give an interview to local news channel WKRC-TV Local 12.

The interviewer, aware of the fan’s sneaky sick day, introduced them as anonymous Swifties who had traveled all the way from Louisville, enduring a considerable drive and arriving at the venue around 2:45 in the morning.

Turning to the fans, draped in blankets and one wearing sunglasses on top of their disguise, the reporter inquired about the significance of Taylor Swift in their lives. The response was heartfelt: “That is very true. I almost called my daughter’s middle name Taylor, so…”

The fan revealed her intention to purchase a hoodie from the merchandise truck and shared her excitement about attending the concert with an 11-year-old girl, making it a memorable first-time experience for the young fan.

She also mentioned attending a previous show in Nashville, emphasizing that this particular concert was primarily for her young companion.

The reporter showed support for their disguise, assuring them, “Your secret’s safe with me! I think it’s safe with everyone else here too.”

The ghosts featured in the “Anti-Hero” music video visually represent the song’s first verse, where Swift sings about growing older but not necessarily wiser. The lyrics capture the sentiment of midnight feeling like the afternoon and how depression haunts her. The video showcases the ghosts, symbolizing the people she has distanced herself from. To witness their cameo, viewers can watch the music video.

Following the amusing exchange, the two real-life “Anti-Hero” ghosts quickly became viral sensations, with social media users finding their story hilarious. One person playfully remarked, “Keep it weird, Louisville,” while another speculated, “I just know she’s going to wear that same gray quarter zip to work one day and reveal herself.”

The incident showcases the unwavering dedication of Taylor Swift fans, often referred to as Swifties, and their willingness to go to great lengths to support their favorite artist.


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