Taylor Swift Money Jar goes Viral, Husband Makes Wife Pay for Taylor Talk

Taylor Swift Money Jar goes Viral, Husband Makes Wife Pay for Taylor Talk

A humorous household saga has gone viral as a Maryland husband devised a creative solution to curb the constant Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce chatter in his home. Frustrated by the ongoing discussions about the pop star and her boyfriend, the husband, captured in a video shared by Dana Rice, implemented a Taylor Swift tip jar system.

In the video, the husband is seen taping a sign on a tall glass, establishing the new house rule: “Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25.” The sign also includes a poignant note, stating, “I can’t take it anymore,” and a reminder that the Kansas City Chiefs star, Travis Kelce, is included in the deal.

Dana Rice, a newfound Swiftie since Taylor Swift launched her “Eras” tour in March, shared the video, and fans rallied to her defense in the comments. One commenter humorously remarked, “25 cents is a small price to pay to spread the gospel.”

The slip-up comes early in the video when Dana mentions that both she and her husband were recently on ‘SNL,’ referring to their brief cameos on the show’s season premiere last month. The duo had garnered significant attention when they were spotted holding hands in NYC and attended the ‘SNL’ after-party together.

It’s evident from the video that Dana’s husband initiated the Taylor Swift tip system almost a month ago, suggesting that they might be on their way to filling a second jar by now. The lighthearted approach to managing the household conversation reflects the widespread impact of celebrity relationships and the creative ways people navigate the constant buzz surrounding pop culture figures.


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