Taylor Swift Turned Down Meghan Markle’s Invite to Appear on Podcast


According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Taylor Swift has turned down an invitation from Meghan Markle to appear on her podcast.

This rejection comes in the wake of Spotify and Markle failing to reach an agreement on launching a second season earlier this month.

The Wall Street Journal report reveals that Markle personally wrote a letter to Swift, requesting her presence on the podcast at some point. However, the singer declined the offer through a representative, as reported by the newspaper.

The report delves into the struggles faced by Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, in successfully producing shows and content for Netflix through their production company, Archewell.

Despite being based in Los Angeles, their business has not achieved significant success beyond their own personal stories, according to the Journal.

One of their failed projects included an animated children’s show called “Pearl,” which was canceled by Netflix, as disclosed by individuals familiar with the matter.

Additionally, at least two other show ideas pitched by the couple were reportedly rejected over the past year.

The Journal also reveals that Netflix does not plan to renew Harry and Meghan’s deal, which is set to run through 2025, according to their sources.

Both Spotify and Netflix have been underwhelmed by the couple’s lack of productivity, with their proposed shows appearing too similar to already successful hits on the streaming platform, resulting in rejections.

While Harry’s memoir, titled “Spare,” achieved resounding success, as did the documentary about the couple’s separation from the Royal Family, produced for Netflix, their ventures into original content have faced challenges.

Responding to the situation, an Archewell spokesperson told the Journal, “New companies often make changes in their start-up phase, both with people and strategy, and we are no exception. We’re more equipped, focused, and energized than ever before.”

A Netflix spokesperson reportedly expressed the company’s appreciation for its partnership with Archewell and stated their commitment to continuing to work on projects together.


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