Terry Crews Says Chris Rock ‘Saved Hollywood’ by Keeping Composure After Will Smith Slap


Terry Crews says friend Chris Rock “saved Hollywood” by keeping his composure after the comedian was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars.

Rock made an insensitive remark about Jada Pinkett Smith, comparing her to G.I Jane – Jada has been open about her struggles with alopecia and didn’t appreciate being used as the punchline.

Many celebs have given their thoughts on the situation, however Crews has said he is not taking sides as both Smith and Rock are dear friends of his.

He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his upcoming memoir, Tough: My True Journey to Power:

“Both Will Smith and Chris Rock are dear, dear friends of mine,”

“I love them both as brothers, but there was a time in my life [where] I was Will Smith at that moment, and let me tell you, I’ve done worse than Will.”

“Way overkill, just … the punishment did not fit the crime. Like, people were like, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ My wife even had to be like, ‘You got to promise me you will never go off like this. You did not need to pick this man up and put him on his head, on the concrete,’ “

Crews went on to say Rock “saved Hollywood” with his calm and professional reaction to being slapped on live TV.

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