The First Image You See Here Reveals What Kind Of Mind Power You Have


    I’m not a scientist, so I have absolutely no idea how accurate this kind of thing is, but it’s interesting.

    Apparently psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry found that our brain’s two hemispheres function very differently and the way you think depends on which of the sides is dominant.

    And there are loads of tests that determine which side of your brain is dominant. So, here’s one.

    Take a look at the picture below. Which animal do you see?

    The First Image You Saw Here Will Reveal What Kind of Mind Power You Have

    You’ve seen an animal, yeah?

    Ok, let’s move on.

    Some will see the head of a tiger, while others will see a monkey swinging from a tree.

    And here’s what they both mean:


    If you see a tiger, you use the left hemisphere of the brain and your personality traits are: organised, precise, rational, logical and very realistic.


    And if you see the monkey, you’re a bit wilder by nature. Your personality traits are: impulsive, emotional, creative and artistic, intuitive, dreamy.

    And if you don’t see any animal at all. Well, I guess you’re doomed.


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