‘The Godfather’ Overtaken As Greatest Movie Of All Time On IMDB


It beggar’s belief that any movie can be considered better than The Godfather, but in the year of our lord 2021, the iconic gangster film has lost its top spot as IMDB’s number 1 movie of all time.

The movie to finally overtake it is Jai Bhim, a Tamil-language courtroom drama, that was released in November and has a rating of 9.6/10, making it the highest rated movie in history.

Actor Siddharth wrote on Twitter:

“So proud we have made #JaiBhim.

“Hope we can reach this film as well as the awareness it raises against oppression to the marginalised Irular tribes.

“What a win for Tamil cinema.”

Shailaja Teacher, Member of Central Committee of India’s communist party, also gushed about the movie:

“#JaiBhim is an inspiration for transformative change.

“Authentic portrayal of hard-hitting realities on systemic violence & social discrimination in society. Brilliant performances. Congrats to the entire team!”

It looks good, but I’m sticking to The Godfather, thank you.


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