The Kardashian Courtroom Sketches are Savagely Mocked Online


The Kardashian courtroom sketches have been ruthlessly mocked online.

Jury selection started on Monday in Blac Chyna’s $108 million lawsuit against the famous family with the trial expected to last 10 days.

Yesterday (Tuesday) fans of the famous family ridiculed the harsh courtroom sketches produced by illustrator Mona Shafer Edwards.

See sketches below:

The trial all started because of a 2017 lawsuit from Blac Chyna accusing the Kardashian’s of plotting to cancel her hit TV show Rob & Chyna.

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the sketches, with some saying:

‘kim is going to sue the hell out of this court room sketch artist’

‘Imagine going to court and the sketch artist purposely draws you from like three faces ago’

Many people have said Blac Chyna a.k.a Angela Renée White looks the best out of all the sketches, with some implying this means the artist is a fan of hers and not the famous family…

See below:

What’s your thoughts on the sketches?


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