The Undertaker Steps in to Save Wife from Shark in Shocking Video


The Undertakes stepped in to scare away a shark after his wife spotted on while they were swimming in the ocean.

The WWE icon, whose real name is Mark Calaway, has been married to his wife, fellow wrestler, Michelle McCool – since 2010.

While they were relaxing on their vacation, they encountered something they weren’t expecting…

Sharing the video to her Instagram, Michelle wrote: “I was simply enjoying a book on the beach when this ‘vegetation’ looked a lot like a shark….. so I text hubby @undertaker kinda digging that last picture …A LOT #myprotector”.

It is believed that the shark was a nurse shark, which as it turns out, are harmless to humans.

The athlete can be seen in the footage wearing all black and standing between his beloved wife and the shark.

In the clip, Michelle explains: “OK, I text my husband because… this guy right here. I just knew it was a shark. Look how close we are.”

“Yep. OK. Guess I wasn’t big enough to scare him away but you are.”

Fans were quick to praise the legend in the comments, with some writing:

“I think you forgot your husband is THE Undertaker lol. That shark wanted no smoke.”

Another said: “Transformed from Jaws to Nemo soon as he saw Taker in his line of vision.”

A third commented: “The shark didn’t want to go one on one with The Undertaker!”

While another fan said: “That shark didn’t want the smoke from your husband! Shark said ‘I wanna live today’.”

“It’s almost like the shark knew its fate and decided to swim off,” commented another fan.

A sixth person asked: “Is it illegal to tombstone a shark? Genuinely curious lol.”



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