‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Calls out Will Smith’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’


The View’s Sunny Hostin has called Will Smith out for his ‘toxic masculinity’.

The hottest topic in the country right now was also the number one “Hot Topic” on The View yesterday morning. Not all hosts could agree on how much blame should be placed on Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars, however.

Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin called out the actor’s actions:

“Hitting somebody is a crime, it is the crime of assault on national TV,” Navarro said. As “lame” as Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s lack of hair (due to alopecia) might have been, she added, “nothing—nada—zero condones violence in this form.”

“I was embarrassed for Will, I was horrified for Chris Rock,” Hostin added, noting that Smith apologized to the Academy and his fellow nominees, but not the man he hit. “I thought Chris was the one that deserved an apology for taking the high road.

“I think Will was immature, I think he was childish and he was violent,”

“That’s something we tell our children not to do, our children would be suspended from school for doing something like that.”

Hostin called Smith’s actions a “show of toxic masculinity” suggesting that maybe the actor “felt emasculated” by the jokes that Regina Hall had made at the expense of his relationship earlier in the show.

Jada Pinkett Smith has recently been open about her struggle with alopecia, a hair loss condition.

Rock made a G.I Jane reference about Pinkett Smith to which Will Smith reacted by walking onto the stage and slapping Rock in the face.

Watch below:


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