This Gen X Mom is Going Viral for Her Rant about Her Adult Kids


Jessica McCabe, a 51-year-old mother residing in Alabama and a retired US Air Force member, has garnered widespread attention for her candid video posted on TikTok. The video has accumulated over 10 million views, 63,000 comments, and 1.8 million likes, resonating with many as she passionately discusses her concerns about the challenges her 25- and 28-year-old adult children are facing in today’s world.

In her heartfelt video, McCabe begins by expressing her frustration as a parent, stating, “I am so tired of feeling helpless as a parent.” Despite her children being grown adults, she acknowledges her feelings of helplessness in witnessing their struggles. She shares her perspective on the changing landscape of adulthood, highlighting the disparities between her generation’s experiences and the hurdles her children are encountering.

Her belief in the traditional values of hard work and perseverance is juxtaposed against the current reality. McCabe acknowledges the evolving societal dynamics and challenges her children face, which often seem insurmountable. She conveys her empathy for her children and their generation while advocating for understanding and change.

Drawing from her own life experiences, McCabe addresses the juxtaposition between struggling and drowning. She points out that while challenges were an intrinsic part of her generation’s journey, they had a sense of hope and a belief in a better future. In contrast, she observes that today’s youth often find themselves spiraling further down despite their efforts to overcome obstacles.

McCabe provides poignant examples from her children’s lives to illustrate the difficulties they encounter. She shares her son’s experience of pursuing education, securing a full-time job, yet struggling to afford basic living expenses. The rising costs of housing and essentials have created barriers that hinder young adults from achieving financial independence. She also recounts her daughter’s efforts to purchase a house, only to be faced with unexpected expenses that strain her financial stability.

The emotional video captures McCabe’s genuine concern for her children’s well-being and her belief in their potential. Her frustration is intertwined with love, and her fiery advocacy for change is evident as she challenges societal norms and calls for empathy and support.

The video has resonated with viewers, particularly young adults who appreciate her acknowledgment of the contemporary challenges they face. Comments from individuals of various generations reflect a shared sentiment of understanding and validation for the difficulties faced by today’s youth.


Its no wonder there is a mental health crisis amoung the younger generation..and to make matters worse most cant afford to get treated and if they do they are told to “get a better job” what happened to the middle class just wanting to make w decent living? #housingcrisis #mentalhealth #americandream #rent #longervideos #howtoretire

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McCabe’s message extends beyond her own family, emphasizing the need for systemic changes to support younger generations. She calls for a reevaluation of policies and structures that perpetuate inequality and hinder young adults from achieving stability. McCabe’s impassioned plea emphasizes the importance of unity across generations and advocates for a brighter future for all.

Her powerful message has sparked conversations about the evolving nature of adulthood, economic challenges, and the need for inclusive policies that uplift all members of society. By sharing her story, McCabe has opened a dialogue that transcends generational divides and inspires collective action toward a more equitable future.


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