TikTok Rapper Brit Barbie just Released the Worst Rap Song Ever


TikTok rapper Brit Barbie has just released a new rap song and people online are tearing it apart…

It is an undisputed fact that the newest rap release by TikTok artist, Britt Barbie, is quite possibly the worst of all time.

Even after listening to Jake Paul’s ‘Everyday Bro’ a thousand times, nothing quite compares to the cringe-worthy lyrics and lack of flow in ‘Hello Kitty’.

Barbie first gained notoriety on TikTok for her painfully bad rapping skills when she uploaded her song, ‘Period Ahh, Period Ehh’ a few months ago.

Despite the negative reception, she continued to post her amateur tracks on the platform and gained a following of fans who were amused by her lack of talent.

However, her latest single has received an overwhelming amount of negative feedback.

Fans have taken to social media to voice their disappointment, with many calling it the worst song they’ve ever heard.

One Twitter user wrote, “I’ve heard better raps from my five-year-old cousin. This is just painful to listen to.” Another user tweeted, “I can’t believe I wasted three minutes of my life listening to that garbage.”

It’s not just the lyrics that are the problem, but the overall production quality of the song.

The beat is repetitive and unoriginal, and the autotuned vocals only add to the lack of authenticity.

Watch below:


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