TikTok Star and her Mom Have Been Killed


Tragic news has struck the TikTok community as popular TikTok star Britney Murphy, 35, widely known as ThatGirlBritneyJoy, and her mother, Sherie Smith, 53, lost their lives in a devastating car crash on Monday.

The unfortunate incident occurred while they were en route to a Juneteenth celebration in Houston, Texas.


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Murphy and Smith were driving away from Murphy’s sister’s residence when their vehicle was struck by a gray pickup truck.

Shockingly, this collision happened mere moments after Murphy posted her final TikTok video. (above)

Heart-wrenching images from the crash scene depict Murphy’s overturned black sedan, and authorities have confirmed that both women tragically perished at the scene. Disturbingly, the mother’s protective embrace encircled her daughter’s lifeless body when discovered.


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An ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine the circumstances surrounding the crash. In an interview with ABC 13, Tiffany Cofield, Murphy’s sister, emotionally recounted stumbling upon the scene while returning home. Tearfully, she shared, “It looked like her car, and everybody when I was walking up said a mom and daughter died, and I knew they had left, and knew the only mom and daughter would be my mom and sister.” She bravely expressed her grief, acknowledging that the pain of losing her mother and sister will forever resonate, as they were her closest confidantes and cherished companions.

Cofield fervently wishes for people to remember her loved ones not for the tragic circumstances of their passing but for the vibrant lives they lived and the inspiration they exuded. She expressed immense pride in her sister, who amassed a remarkable following of over 400,000 in just four months. Murphy’s deadpan facial expressions and relatable skits depicting morning routines resonated with audiences, endearing her to TikTok users worldwide.

Heartbreakingly, Murphy had posted her final TikTok video moments before the fatal accident. In the video titled “POV: You forgot it’s Juneteenth — No work today,” she humorously portrayed the realization of having the day off, proceeding to grab a bottle of wine and dance exuberantly before settling on the couch, cocooned in a cozy blanket. This poignant video has garnered over 5 million views and received more than 21,000 comments, filled with grief and condolences. Users expressed disbelief that such a vibrant life was suddenly extinguished. The tragic event served as a sobering reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the value of cherishing every moment.

As Cofield grapples with her profound loss, she has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her mother’s and sister’s funerals.

In a heartfelt plea, she shared, “My mom and sister were tragically taken away from us way too soon in an accident involving a reckless driver in Houston.”

She highlighted Murphy’s burgeoning fame on TikTok, where her relatable videos resonated with countless viewers. Cofield emphasized that the unexpected loss of both her sister and mother simultaneously has left the family unprepared for the financial burden of laying them to rest.

The GoFundMe initiative, launched on Tuesday, has raised over $94,000 at the time of writing, demonstrating the outpouring of support from the community during this trying time.



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