TikTokers are Reeling over an OceanGate Job Posting Advertising an ‘Immediate Opening’ for a Submersible Pilot


    The OceanGate job posting, which announces an “immediate opening” for a submersible pilot, has become a topic of discussion among TikTokers.

    Critics on TikTok are raising concerns about a job advertisement from OceanGate, the renowned organization responsible for the Titan submersible.

    This deep-sea watercraft was discovered in fragments on Thursday after embarking on its voyage over the past weekend.

    The recruitment notice, prominently displayed on OceanGate’s official website and also on the popular job search platform Indeed, seeks an individual who is not only dedicated but possesses a unique blend of mechanical expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills.

    The chosen candidate will be responsible for handling delicate marine equipment, performing routine maintenance, and operating intricate systems essential for supporting dive operations.

    Moreover, the posting emphasizes the need for applicants who can effectively work within a confined space and possess the physical ability to fit through a 28-inch diameter ring. Additionally, a positive attitude, energy, and a good sense of humor are mentioned as desired qualities for potential candidates.

    Although the exact date of when the posting was initially published remains unclear, evidence suggests that as of Friday morning, prospective applicants were still able to apply through Indeed.

    However, within a few hours, a message was displayed indicating that the listing had expired. This implies that the employer was either no longer seeking new hires or had reached their desired number of applicants.

    Late Thursday, The Seattle Times reported that the company’s main office had closed indefinitely, leaving unanswered questions regarding the organization’s future operations.

    TikTok users have taken to the platform to mock the job posting, expressing their views on the situation.

    Some comments imply that the posting exemplifies the notion that companies are eager to fill vacant positions immediately, regardless of unfortunate circumstances. This sentiment leads to the perception that individuals are perceived as replaceable. It should be noted, however, that the job posting was likely published before the tragic incident involving the Titan submersible.

    Since the incident where the passengers of the Titan lost contact with a Canadian research vessel on Sunday, reports have emerged suggesting that OceanGate’s leadership was previously warned about safety concerns regarding the watercraft.

    Allegedly, the company had evaded safety regulations and inspections that were not yet established due to its innovative nature. In a 2021 interview, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush acknowledged that he had “broken some rules” during the creation of the submersible.

    In conclusion, the OceanGate job posting, advertising an “immediate opening” for a submersible pilot, has sparked discussions and criticisms on TikTok. While TikTokers express their opinions and draw attention to safety concerns, it is essential to recognize that the job advertisement predates the unfortunate incident involving the Titan submersible.

    The future of OceanGate and its operations remains uncertain as the company’s main office has closed indefinitely.


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