Time Traveler Shares ‘Proof’ Of Meeting Himself In The Future


Time travelers are huge on TikTok in 2021.

The guy who posts videos from the end of the world has millions of followers thanks to his very believable videos.

And now the TikTok account @iimcf has posted ‘proof’ that a Swedish man met himself in the future.

The man in the video says:

“Luckily because I thought no one’s going to believe this I had my mobile and could film it,” the man said, as footage showed him standing next to an older man who spookily enough had the exact same tattoo on the same exact same arm as him.

“So we stood there talking and it was a nice feeling, a really good feeling.”


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? originalljud – Hello stranger

Since the post went viral, people in the comments section have debunked it by proving the video is from a goddamn TV commercial for life insurance. Better luck next time.


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