Tom Holland Stops Interview So He Can Watch Zendaya Walk Red Carpet


Tom Holland was won some hearts after his actions during an interview this week.

The actor was talking to Entertainment Tonight at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere in Los Angeles when his partner Zendaya arrived to walk the red carpet.

As soon as the screams from the crowd grew louder, Holland stopped the interview so he could watch his partner.

“I think Zendaya just showed up,” he says before stopping the interview.

And it sounds like he’s just in love with the new Spiderman movie too.

He said:

“I honestly feel a little bit numb,” he admitted to ET. “This has been the most incredible experience. This whole journey from the day I got cast. My agent’s here and we were just talking about the moment I got my first callback, and we thought, ‘Oh, wow, maybe I could actually get this film.’ And here we are promoting Spider-Man 3. I am blown away. To share it with my friends and my family. Honestly, this means the world.”

You’ll be pleased to know Holland was soon reunited with Zendaya after the interview.


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