Tori Spelling and Her Kids now Living in RV on Campground after Moving Out of Cheap Motel


Tori Spelling and her five children are facing a challenging living situation due to their home being infested with black mold.

As a result, the family has had to make temporary arrangements and is currently living in an RV on campgrounds in Ventura County, California.

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail captured the family’s new living setup, with Tori and her kids enjoying the outdoors, sitting in lawn chairs, and witnessing a beautiful sunset over the Pacific ocean.

They have set up their mobile home with essential amenities, including a cooler, stove, pop-up table, and a large rug to keep the dust at bay.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Tori remains determined to create a pleasant environment for her children. She passed out snacks and hung clothes outside to dry while preparing dinner inside the RV. However, during their time at the campground, the family encountered a California Parks Deputy who approached them as they got too close to the cliffside.

Despite the challenges, Tori’s kids seemed to be in good spirits, exploring the beachside location and taking a stroll down to the beach with their mother.

During the excursion, Tori and her teenage daughter Stella made a trip to Walmart to stock up for the week ahead. Her estranged husband, Dean McDermott, was notably absent from the camping trip. The couple announced their divorce in June, adding to the difficulties Tori and her children are currently facing.

The family’s ordeal began last month when they had to leave their rental home due to a severe mold infestation. They briefly stayed in a budget motel before moving in with a friend. Tori has been actively seeking a new home, but the process has been challenging and emotionally taxing.

She recently shared text messages on Instagram, alleging that a realtor mocked her family’s housing crisis, causing further distress for Tori and her children.

While it remains uncertain when they can return to their home safely, Tori first spoke out about the mold issue in May, expressing concern over the health impact it had on her and her kids.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Tori’s determination to provide for her children and find a suitable living arrangement demonstrates her commitment to their well-being. As they continue to face this challenging situation, they rely on support and empathy from others to overcome the obstacles they encounter.


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